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Keep up to date on the latest sales, weekly specials, in-store and online events, and more. This is your one stop shop to stay in the loop with the latest and greatest from your friends at Grapes & Grains.

Neighborhood Newsletter
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From The Cellar

Whether you’re looking for an old favorite, or something new and bold, our From the Cellar newsletter has you covered. Dive in deep with us as we cover wines from all over the world, discuss the region they hail from, their flavor profiles and how you can reserve a bottle.

From the Barrel

From the Barrel is essential for Whiskey and Bourbon lovers. Not only will you be in the know for new arrivals and Grapes & Grains exclusives, but you can get your hands on hard to find and rare bourbons and enter our lottery for allocated spirits.
From the Barrel Newsletter


The latest and greatest from Grapes & Grains

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